Activity Agreement Aberdeenshire

When it comes to activity agreements in Aberdeenshire, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. An activity agreement is a scheme designed to help young people aged 16-19 who are not in education, employment, or training (NEET) to get back on track and into education, training, or work.

The activity agreement scheme is run by the council and works with young people to identify their skills and interests, and then provides them with the necessary support and opportunities to develop these. The aim is to help young people gain the confidence and skills needed to move forward and achieve their goals.

The agreement may involve a range of activities, including work experience, volunteering, training, and education. It is tailored to each individual`s needs and circumstances, taking into account factors such as disability, learning difficulties, or caring responsibilities.

The scheme is voluntary, and young people can choose to take part if they feel it is right for them. It is a positive step towards building confidence and skills, and can help young people to improve their chances of finding work or pursuing further education.

If you are a young person living in Aberdeenshire and interested in participating in an activity agreement, there are various ways to get involved. You may be referred by a school, social worker, or another agency, or you can self-refer by contacting the council`s Youth Team.

The council`s Youth Team works with young people on a one-to-one basis, providing support and advice throughout the process. They can help you to identify your skills and goals, and work with you to create an activity plan that suits your needs.

In conclusion, activity agreements are a great way for young people in Aberdeenshire to gain valuable skills and experience, and ultimately increase their chances of finding work or pursuing higher education. If you are interested in taking part in an activity agreement, contact the council`s Youth Team to find out more.

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