Disability Services Enterprise Agreement (Victoria) 2018 to 2022

As a professional, let`s talk about the recently agreed-upon Disability Services Enterprise Agreement in Victoria, which will be effective from 2018 to 2022.

The Disability Services Enterprise Agreement covers the 14,000 government-funded disability employees who work across Victoria. It includes disability support workers, allied health professionals, and administrative staff. The agreement will ensure that employees receive fair pay rates, benefits, and working conditions.

One of the primary goals of the agreement is to increase the wages of disability support workers. The agreement includes a pay rise of up to 20% over the next four years, with the highest increase rates for those on the lowest pay scales. The pay increase is a significant step towards increasing the value and recognition of the disability support sector. It acknowledges the important work that disability support workers do in improving the lives of people with disabilities.

The agreement also includes policies that promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. It commits employers to ensure that their workplaces are safe and free from discrimination. It also provides a framework for flexible working arrangements for employees with family and caring responsibilities, allowing them to balance their personal commitments alongside their work commitments.

The agreement further highlights the importance of professional development for disability support workers. It includes a provision for career progression opportunities and training to ensure that workers can continue to upskill and improve their knowledge and expertise.

The Disability Services Enterprise Agreement is a significant milestone for disability support workers in Victoria. It acknowledges the vital work that they do and provides them with the support and recognition they deserve. It also sets a benchmark for fair wages and working conditions in the sector, which will hopefully lead to similar agreements across Australia.

In conclusion, the Disability Services Enterprise Agreement in Victoria is an essential agreement that will positively impact the lives of 14,000 government-funded disability employees. It provides fair pay rates, benefits, and working conditions for disability support workers and promotes inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. The agreement sets a benchmark for other sectors and hopefully encourages similar agreements across Australia.

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