SMCOA Causes

At SMCOA, our commitment is to provide solutions and support to those in need, empowering them to lead better lives and actively participate in their communities.



The Challenge: Limited Access to Healthcare Services

The Solution: Medical Missions


Limited Access to Healthcare Services:

SMCOA organizes medical missions to improve access to healthcare services at affordable rates. These missions take a comprehensive approach to providing effective medical care, contributing to the overall well-being of the population.

Medical Missions:

In Hong Kong, many people face significant barriers to accessing healthcare services. These barriers include the high cost of medical care, ineligibility, refugees' reluctance to seek hospital care, and a lack of awareness.



The Challenge: Limited Access to Primary and Secondary Education

Our Solution: English Courses and Skill-Building


Limited Access to Primary and Secondary Education:

Many children in Hong Kong are deprived of essential primary and secondary education due to various challenges, including the high cost of education, language barriers, and the undocumented status of refugees and their children.

English Courses and Skill-Building:

We offer English courses and educational resources to children, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge. This initiative enables them to participate productively in society, creating better opportunities for integration and socialization.



The Challenge: Lack of Opportunities for Marginalized Communities

Our Solution: Vocational Courses and Skill Development


Lack of Opportunities for Marginalized Communities:

Marginalized groups, including women, refugees, and the homeless, face a lack of opportunities to develop their skills and enhance their living standards due to societal norms and legal constraints

Vocational Courses and Skill Development:

SMCOA provides vocational courses and development programs for underserved communities in Hong Kong. These initiatives aim to build their capabilities and harness their diverse skills and knowledge to foster societal improvement.

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